Mission Hill Menu Creator Tegan Sykes

September 1, 2015


Needless to say, when aspiring chef Tegan Sykes was given the opportunity to create a menu pairing with Mission Hill Family Estate wines, he was extremely excited. In designing the dishes, Tegan decided to incorporate pork, a rich and versatile protein, and showcase the many opportunities to cook with wine. Here’s what Tegan had to say about his menu:

For my amuse bouche I wanted to start off with something fun, so I did a play on pork and apple sauce by making chicharron with apple relish.


For my appetizer I wanted to showcase a part of the pig that isn’t commonly used, the jowl. This cut is quite fatty so I paired it with the chardonnay, as the acidity of the wine would cut the fattiness of the jowl. I added the fennel slaw to freshen the dish up.

I fell in love with sous-vide cooking after seeing it done here at Vista 18 and reading Modernist Cuisine by head author Nathan Myhrvold. This is why I chose to use this method for cooking the pork tenderloin for my entrée. I thought a great way to use the Select Lot Merlot was to make a beurre rouge which pair nicely with the bitterness of the espresso rub for my pork. The citrus glaze on the beets also helps to cut the fattiness of the butter sauce.


Dessert: I really wanted to showcase the flavours of summer with this dish so I chose to pair with the Five Vineyards Rose. I used fresh stonefruit from the Okanagan and soaked them in the rose before turning it into an ice cream. The pancetta adds a saltiness that pairs well with the sweetness of the ice cream and gastrique.


I wanted to use summer ingredients and make a rich and fresh tasting meal to pair with Mission Hill’s incredible wines.


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