Brittany Unwin Floor Manager & Events Coordinator

Brittany Unwin started her career in food and beverage right here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, as a cashier at the A&W on Douglas Street. Still new to the working world, but with a deep connection and understanding of Vancouver Island community, she soon surpassed coworkers with her strong work ethic and compassion for those around her. In short, a bubbly charisma and bright personality set Brittany apart.

In her twenties, she began work at a new, little-known restaurant in town called Vista 18. This was her first restaurant position, and she quickly fell in love with the space and the people she worked with.

On her way to bigger and brighter things, her position at Vista sadly ended when she decided to move “off the Rock” to Vancouver so she could be close to her twin sister, Jesslyn, and to continue her vocation in customer service.

Brittany spent years in Vancouver building her professional skillset and decorating her resume with many seized opportunities, such as overseeing the main reception desk for one of Vancouver’s largest banks to catering and event management. During this time, Brittany’s side passion and hobby was performing in a popular cabaret just off the Granville strip. Truly, there is more to Brittany than meets the eye.

Eventually, the bigger and brighter city lights lost their lustre. Brittany returned to the island and returned to the beautiful rooftop setting of Vista 18, soaring through the ranks and becoming our Floor Manager. From busser to boss, Brittany’s journey has come full circle, and she smiles knowing that Vista 18 will be a part of her bright future.